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November 26, 2014 @ Field & Fork
Lunchtime at Field & Fork has been revitalised, revamped for our guests. Our new lunchtime menu – and changes to our à la carte – is now up and running, the kitchen now geared up to cook the likes of soups, salads and sandwiches alongside pasta and platters plus the all-important dessert.

There’s plenty of choice for all – eight vegetarian dishes plus pulled pork, venison, a variety of cheeses, spiced crab with soba noodles, linguini with seasonal chestnuts, roasted onions, broccoli leaves, maple glazed roasted pork belly, banana tart Tatin with chocolate mousse and butterscotch – and more – for that lunchtime light meal. Alongside the market set menu, the new menu has no less than 22 dishes on offer.

I’ve ordered in – fresh, daily – fat scallops to be sautéed with a fennel and cucumber salad with a ginger beurre blanc, excellent value at either £9.50 for a smaller portion, £17.50 for larger appetites. Pork, cooked over 8 hours in a slow oven is softly pulled apart and partnered with Cox apples, now at their best alongside artichoke hearts. The whole tasty, no, very tasty lot is piled into a split onion bread, a hearty dish at £7.95.

Chefs and I have given a wraparound lift to smoked salmon à la Scotch egg, the salmon coating a lightly cooked duck egg, a lemon mayo and watercress salad the other sum of its appealing parts (£6.95).

For the menu, please click on the Lunchtime one on the restaurant page, the Market Menu also found here. Some of the dishes have been photographed for you (see below).

The market menu is our set lunch/pre theatre menu and is available until 6.30pm.

The new menu, our à la carte lunch, is available all day in conjunction with our market menu until 6.30.

After 6.30 we offer a more “grown up” à la carte dinner menu for later diners; an amalgamation of the two menus with the more snacky items removed.

Everyone here – chefs, front of house – looks very much forward to welcoming you to our restaurant, either for a light or more substantial lunch, dinner or pre-theatre. Book now prior to The Ideal Husband, a runaway success at the Chichester Festival Theatre; Edward Fox and Patricia Routledge on terrific Wilde form.

Scallops on Fennel & Cucumber Salad with Ginger Beurre Blanc Sauce £9.50/£17.50
Scallops on Fennel & cucumber salad with ginger buerre blanc sauce £9.50/£17.50

Scallops enjoyed by photographer – thanks, Sam!
eaten scallops

Pulled Pork, roasted Cox Apples and Artichokes on Onion Bread. £7.95
pulled pork

Spiced Crab, Soba Noodle & Asian Cress Salad (£7.95/£14.95)
spiced crab salad

Baby Goat’s Cheese (Crottin), Duck Rillettes, Fig Chutney, Watercress Salads & Field & Fork Breads, everything made in the kitchens £9.50

Lunch for Three in Conservatory – on left, the Spiced Crab, Soba Noodle and Asian Cress Salad with Chilli Dressing and Peanuts (£7.95/£14.95) plus the Pulled Pork opposite and the Chefs’ Platter in the centre.
lunch for 3

Have a drink in the bar beforehand if wished.
bar photo

Or take a seat at your table, by the fireplace, in the Conservatory (below).


See you soon. We all look forward to it.