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December 16, 2014 @ Field & Fork
Christmas will soon be in the past, your inner dining Ghost of past and present looking forward with almost indecent haste towards the future – January, 2015 – the flurry of shopping and cooking or simply eating festive fare waved a welcome, yet fond farewell.

xmas fireplace

But what could be nicer than to think ahead, maybe sitting near our fire (above), anticipating one of our winter warming, comfort food dishes? Book a table to enjoy the likes of Kentish venison given the Moroccan tagine treatment with almonds, pomegranate seeds with a touch of subtle spicing – cumin, coriander, cinnamon and warming ginger – alongside seasonal pumpkin and cranberries. Or, after warming your hands by our fire, sit down to tuck into South Downs lamb shoulder married with chestnuts, celeriac and squash.

Venison Tagine with pumpkin, pomegranate and cranberries
venison tagine

South Downs Lamb Shoulder with chestnuts, celeriac and squash
south downs lamb

Ox cheek too will make its way onto the menu. This melting piece of beef goes well with cipolini onions, a firm favourite found on some dishes including our spiced pumpkin pie with ricotta and a walnut sauce on our market menu. Cipollini, meaning small onions, have a very short season – from October to January – and are a delightful tiny round onion about the size of a golf ball with a slightly flattened appearance. They’re sweet and mild and full of flavour but a tricky customer to skin. But it’s worth it! As you will hopefully find out.
If a lighter dish is called for after the festive excesses, there may be a fine, firm Dover sole from our fishmongers in Littlehampton, some brown shrimps added for even extra flavour as well as a pretty ochre ginger butter sauce, a colour akin to traditional North African buildings. And wild bass too will make its welcome appearance, if the seas are cooperative.

Littlehampton Dover Sole with Brown Shrimps
dover sole

If you still hanker after a dessert, you may be tempted by the homemade rum baba or the caramelised Cox apple crisp with vanilla ice cream, just two of the made-by-us sweets; no shortcuts here.

Cox Apple Crisp with Caramel and homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
cox apple

It will be a busy run-up to Christmas and the New Year with a private celebrity canapé party in London to cook for – he’s an international singer, good egg and good friend – as well as a dinner for the Bishop of Chichester at the Bishop’s Palace this week and, of course, a busy restaurant with its Christmas menu and other menus to consider.

We’ll be closed from Sunday, 21st December, re-opening on Tuesday, 30th December. fter lunch service on 31st December and re-open for lunch on Friday, 2nd January 2015. This time off from running the restaurant will give our wonderful staff – Scott, Richard and Brin in the kitchen and Justine and Naz who front Field & Fork – a really good break to be with their families and friends.

Janet and I thank you for all your lovely support and well wishes during our first eight months of Field & Fork’s latest incarnation on Guildhall Street. It’s been terrific and we feel we’ve made the right choice to open again in the city centre. You have made us very welcome and appreciated and we all look very much forward to welcoming you and new customers in 2015 with yet more seasonal cooking. Here’s to the New Year!

Warmest best wishes for a fine Christmas, everyone. Sam.